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    92-Year-Old Drives Car into Pool

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    A 92-year-old driver crashed her car, landing in a pool.

    Some people believe that there should be a driving age limit for seniors. Well, one recent report could ignite that debate.

    A 92-year-old female driver drove into a pool in suburban Northbrook, Illinois. She reportedly drove over a curb and through a fence before plummeting into a pool.

    Two police officials jumped in to help get the woman out of the vehicle. Luckily the pool only contained approximately 3 feet of water.
    The woman was uninjured during the incident and her car was removed by the fire department shortly after. The accident is currently being investigated.

    Earlier this year, rescue officials in Portland, Maine saved an 84-year-old woman, Ursula Nixon who drove through two chain link fences and a guardrail, landing in the harbor. Civilians and officials were able to free the woman and lifted her up to the parking lot using a basket.

    She was hospitalized, but a witness stated “Her only worry when she got out of the water was did she hurt anybody.”