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    Man Given Whiskey Infusion to Cure Blindness

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    A man is given a whiskey infusion to cure his blindness.

    While generally said to be bad for you, alcohol does surprise every now and then.

    In July of this year, a 65-year-old diabetic, Denis Duthie was hospitalized after he went blind, following some vodka drinking at an anniversary celebration. While Duthie thought it was the alcohol mixed with his diabetes medications that caused the blinding reaction, hospital officials believed he was suffering from formaldehyde poisoning caused by intake of methnol.

    The condition is treated using ethanol which is also found in alcoholic drinks. The hospital did not have any medical alcohol on hand, so medical officials rushed to a nearby liquor store to purchase a bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey to be used as an alcohol infusion

    The booze was placed into his stomach by a tube which was inserted through his nose. After a week-and-a-half, he could see clearly again and was released from the hospital.

    Several months later, he is doing fine but claims he hasn’t touched any alcohol since the incident and he warns others, especially diabetics to cut back on their drinking.

    Apparently alcohol has some positive effects. According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, hospital patients who have suffered extensive or traumatic injuries are more likely to survive if there is alcohol in their system.