Women Check Out Other Women More Than Men

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It's been revealed that woman actually check out other women more than men.

While men might get chided more often for checking out women, a new study from Bristol University shows that it’s actually females who spend more time looking at other women.

The group of women involved in the study spent about 61 percent of their time looking at the pictures of other women in nature documentaries, paintings, and stills of couples from feature films, and only 39 percent of their time looking at the men in the pictures.

By comparison, men spent 53 percent of their time looking at the women in the pictures, and the other 47 per cent looking at the men.

An online poll done by Swimwear 365 reported that of the 2 thousand women who were polled, 42 percent say that when they dress up to go out it is to make an impression on other women.

About half of the polled women say they will compliment a female they don’t know on how they look, and half also feel good when women give them a compliment, but 43 percent of the same group said they disbelieve a compliment from a man.

Who do you think ogles more - men or women?