Artist Uses Starbucks Cups in Drawings

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A Japanese artist creates 3D drawings using Starbucks cups.

One Japanese female artist has chosen to use Starbucks paper cups as a partial drawing surface.

Her artworks are gaining quite a fan base online. The artist states “People ask me why I started this series or what inspired me was, however there was no particular reason. I love drawing or painting and just drew on a cup because it was paper”.

Most of her drawings picture young children and animals. The doodles usually begin on a traditional white pad of paper. A Starbucks cup is placed on top of the pad and the drawing continues up onto the cup, creating a 3 dimensional effect.

The cup incorporates effortlessly into the drawings. One of her illustrations includes a child holding a balloon. The little girl is seen on the paper sitting with her knees drawn up, while she’s holding a string.

While it remains unclear if she will begin working for Starbucks professionally in the future, her many works appear on her Facebook and Instagram pages for viewers to enjoy.

How do you like her artwork?