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    French President Wants to Ban School Homework

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    by Geo Beats

    French President wants to ban homework.

    The president of France might be banning homework in elementary and junior high schools. His argument is that for children who have a difficult home life, it might be harder to complete their homework and that gives them an unfair disadvantage in school academics.

    Emmanuel Davidenkoff, the editor-in-chief of a magazine and website devoted to French school and education says: “wealthy people don't want homework because when the kids are at home, they make sports or dance or music. They go to the museums, to the theater......In poor families, they don't have that, so the only link they have with culture and school is homework."

    It’s a controversial issue that is playing out in France, whose international academic performance test scores have been dropping.
    Another measure from the government would shorten the school day, which ends at 5 or 6 PM, and change the number of school days back from four to four and a half days a week.

    The President also has plans to employ more teachers, and crack down on absenteeism, in addition to not giving the kids homework, and reducing the number of children who are held back in a grade for another year.

    Do you think kids should have homework?