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    Species Extinction: A Global Amphibian Epidemic



    Species Extinction: A Global Amphibian Epidemic
    California Academy of Sciences - California Academy of Sciences
    An explorer of biodiversity, Dr. David Blackburn studies the evolution and diversity of amphibians, especially frogs on continental Africa. Nearly 90% of the 6,800 known species of amphibians are frogs. Their diversity and distribution make them prime research subjects for investigating larger questions about the history and movement of life within Africa and the origins and evolution of natural variation. His research involves both extensive use of museum collections and field expeditions. His passion for the people and wildlife of Africa has taken him to diverse habitats in many African countries, most recently in the mountains of Burundi and soon to the desert oases of North Africa. Please join us in welcoming one of our newest curators as Dr. Blackburn joins us as an assistant curator on the herpetology team in the Academy’s research division."