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    Gerard Jones on Violent Video Games



    Gerard Jones on Violent Video Games
    Commonwealth Club - Commonwealth Club of California
    Taming Gaming in Your Home: Honest Guide to Today's Video GamesVideo and computer games are becoming the entertainment choice of many children as well as adults. Parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend with games as well as the appropriateness of the content.Parents should play an important role in guiding their children's video game playing habits, and playing computer and video games can be a positive family experience. Our expert panel covers issues of content rating systems, parental controls in consoles and PCs, advice for checking in and better understanding your family's gaming habits, and how to participate - The Commonwealth ClubThe event is part of Digital Crossroads: Where Technology Meets our Daily Lives, a new Silicon Valley forum dedicated to informing the public about important technology issues in our personal lives. It is presented by The Commonwealth Club, The Computer History Museum, and Microsoft.