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    Moises Goldszmidt Builds a Generative Model



    Moises Goldszmidt Builds a Generative Model
    The Association for Computing Machinery - Association for Computing Machinery
    Automated Dependency Discovery of Hosts and Network Services in Distributed SystemsIn a modern enterprise network of scale, dependencies between hosts and network services are surprisingly complex, typically undocumented, and rarely static.The automated discovery of these dependencies is a current challenge for network management and troubleshooting.In this talk I will present a method for addressing this challenge. The method is based on learning the parameters of a generative probabilistic model using little more than timings of packet transmission and reception, and then performing statistical hypothesis testing on the components of the model.I will also show results from applying this approach to real data from a trace collecting network events at Microsoft Research Cambridge.Joint work with Alex Simma, John MacCormick, Paul Barham, Richard Black, Rebecca Isaacs and Richard Mortier - ACM Bay Area Chapter