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    Jun Takeuchi: Americanizing Japanese-Made Games



    Jun Takeuchi: Americanizing Japanese-Made Games
    D.I.C.E Summit - Red Rock Resort
    Jun Takeuchi, Creative Producer and Director of Resident Evil 5/Lost Planet, Capcom, discusses the challenges and opportunities that must be embraced by all developers in order to create entertainment that reaches across cultural divides to connect with gamers on a global stage.Capcom is already several years in to a plan that is bearing international results with titles like Dead Rising, Lost Planet and Resident Evil 5 and will continue to do in the future.As head of Capcom’s internal game producers, Takeuchi-san outlines the thought process and the decisions that he and the Capcom production staff make as well as how the company continues to redefine its design mentality daily to attract gamers far beyond Japan's shores.