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    The Shape of Life: Animating the Cambrian Explosion



    The Shape of Life: Animating the Cambrian Explosion
    swissnex San Francisco - swissnex San Francisco
    Scientific concepts can be difficult for everyday audiences to understand. And scientists themselves, brilliant as they may be, aren't always the world's best communicators of their own research. That's where art and artists come in.Through engaging exhibits, displays, illustrations, and movies, artists are bringing science to general audiences in elegant, even fun ways that can help the public visualize complex scientific concepts.To better understand how scientists and artists can and do interact and how art can enrich research results by explaining phenomena visually and creatively, swissnex San Francisco hosts a panel discussion with Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, renowned Swiss scientific illustrator; Tierney Thys, marine biologist, science communicator, and National Geographic Emerging Explorer; Charles Sowers, artist and exhibit developer at the Exploratorium; and Erin Biba (moderator), WIRED Magazine correspondent covering science.Cornelia Hesse-Honegger's paintings depicting morphologically disturbed insects near fallout areas of nuclear plants like Chernobyl will be featured in WIRED's May issue. Ten of her original works will be on display at swissnex San Francisco from April 7th through April 16th, 2010.