Tomorrow's Tech Trends: Ecosystems (Like iTunes) Are King



Tomorrow's Tech Trends: Ecosystems (Like iTunes) Are King
Innovation Lab - Aarhus City Hall
Darren Murph
Managing Editor, Engadget

Gadgets are no longer a luxury for the fortunate few; they've become engrained in our culture. The connected generation is upon us, and it's the consumers who are largely leading the charge.

Darren is the Managing Editor of Engadget, a continually updated online publication that has been setting the pace for consumer electronics since 2004. Having attended technology trade shows all over the globe and reviewed countless devices in his 5+ years at the site, Darren is now tasked with taking a look at what the future holds for consumers. Expectations are changing. User interactions are evolving. Demands are shifting. It's time to look at where the next boom in consumer usage is going to come from, and how innovative companies can be ready to meet those requirements.

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