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    Android vs. iPhone: The Context Awareness War


    Android vs. iPhone: The Context Awareness War
    Innovation Lab - Aarhus City Hall
    Clark Dodsworth
    Owner Osage Associates

    We ain’t seen nothing yet. Within 20 months, devices in our pockets will be context aware and hyper-personalized. How do we bank on that in products and services? And what’s next? Get your map of the next digital gold rush in context awareness and dynamic data.

    Clark has a pretty good idea about where things are going. He has consulted for Apple, shipped a virtual world, was part of the first location-aware retail start-up, built strategies for simulator entertainment, and even spiced up a future theme park with Augmented Reality. For Phillips he co-authored the Ambient Intelligence paradigm that founded a new product generation, later taken to heart by the EU as a 3,7 bio EU tech program under the 6thFramework. Clark will share his insights into a product future that learns you...and your friends. It is hyper-personalized, highly context aware, and real time all the time, using predictive analytics to deliver unparalleled, always-on, augmented experience. Beam us up, Clark!

    The NEXT 2011 Conference is a rare glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in food, green, design, health and digital. Cutting-edge and single track, the conference brings together a diverse group of speakers from a variety of industries and organizations, including AT&T, Time Inc., Google and Ferrari. This is a great chance to watch idea-driven leaders as they help shape the future of the world.