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    Your Boy Peeing on the Seat? Gamify the Toilet



    Your Boy Peeing on the Seat? Gamify the Toilet
    Gamification Co - The Museum of Jewish Heritage
    Changing Behavior with Positive Reinforcement: Speed Camera Lottery & BeyondKevin Richardson, MTV
    Our world is full of negative reinforcement and punishment for a job
    done poorly. Games teach us that positive reinforcement works better for
    creating most kinds of behavior change and adherence. What about in the
    real world? How can we leverage those behavior-modification lessons
    from games and apply them to our world to improve outcomes and get the
    best out of people? Internationally-renowned designer Kevin Richardson
    will share his vision for inspiring change through Gamification based on
    his experience and case studies, including his work designing the
    sensational “Speed Camera Lottery” in Sweden.The Gamification Summit brings together top thought leaders in game
    mechanics and engagement science. Hear what works and what doesn't in
    this dynamic and fast-moving field through case studies, keynotes and
    panels delivered by experts such as Gabe Zichermann (Game-Based
    Marketing), James Gardner (Spigit), Jon Radoff (Disruptor Beam), Michael
    Wu (Lithium) and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (founder of Gilt Groupe).
    Learn how game mechanics and the new science of engagement are rewriting
    the rules of brand marketing, product design and customer acquisition
    and get your business in the game.