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    Steve Jobs Predicts Networking in 1985 Playboy Interview



    Steve Jobs Predicts Networking in 1985 Playboy Interview
    The World Technology Network - TIME Conference Center
    James Gleick
    The National Book Award winning author of "The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood" joins the World Technology Summit for an exclusive conversation.

    The World Technology Summit & Awards, presented by the World Technology Network in association with TIME, Fortune, CNN, Technology Review, Science, and Kurzweil Technologies, among others, at the TIME Conference Center has been called a gathering of "the people creating the 21st Century" -- the most innovative people in the world in science and technology and related fields. The conference theme this year is "SURVIVE 2012, PREPARE FOR 2021." Speakers ranging from Ray "Singularity" Kurzweil to Dan "Back of the Napkin" Roam to James "The Information" Gleick to Susan "President of the ACLU" Herman to Art "Scenarios" Kleiner take on the toughest issues facing us today so we can figure out how to navigate to tomorrow. An assortment of on-stage "demos" by Finalists from this year's World Technology Awards ensures that the audience has its finger on the pulse of current technological innovation. Culminating in the World Technology Awards gala ceremony from the United Nations Delegate's Dining Room, the overall experience is a concentrated peek at the future.