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    Cybersecurity: We Must Focus on Threat, Not Surveillance



    Cybersecurity: We Must Focus on Threat, Not Surveillance
    National Journal - The Newseum
    U.S. cybersecurity discuss how America can protect its critical infrastructure.As much as 85 percent of critical infrastructure - communications networks, the electric grid, transportation centers, financial networks, etc. - is owned and operated by the private sector. While protecting these networks is matter of national security, there are legal, cultural and technical barriers to sharing cybersecurity information between government and industry while protecting privacy and civil liberties. This panel will explore the vulnerabilities of vital systems as well as the opportunities for advancing security.

    Shawn Henry
    President, CrowdStrike Services, Inc.Sean McGurk
    Director of Industrial Control System Security, VerizonModerated by: Aliya Sternstein
    Senior Correspondent, Nextgov