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    Safety After America's Anti-Terror Policies



    Safety After America's Anti-Terror Policies
    Cody's Books - Cody's Books
    Jules Lobel discusses Less Safe, Less Free: The Failure of Preemption in the War on Terror.Professor of law at the University of Pittsburgh, vice president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and author of "Success without Victory", Jules Lobel has written and litigated extensively in the area of war and emergency power. With co-author David Cole, he argues that the irony is that the sacrifices - sacrificed fundamental commitments to the rule of law ("disappearing" suspects into secret CIA prison and "waterboarding" them to compel them to talk; asserting unchecked executive power to violate criminal laws and spy of Americans without warrants; holding suspects indefinitely in Guantanamo's law-free zone; attacking Iraq against the will of the United Nations Security Council and most of the world) - in the rule of law have not made us safer, but have in fact made us more vulnerable to future terrorist attacks - Cody's Books