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    Everything Changed After Guantanamo



    Everything Changed After Guantanamo
    The Asia Society - Asia Society
    Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani in conversation with Vishakha N. Desai on U.S. Policy Towards Asia: An Asian Leader’s Advice for the Next American President.The next President of the United States will face a much different world than in decades past. The spectacular rise of China and India - economically, politically, militarily, and culturally - are creating new realities across the region that have not yet been fully factored in to America's foreign policy. Many in Asia believe that America's policy leaders have not yet formulated a coherent strategy for how the US should engage with the world's most vibrant and fast growing region.Please join us as noted foreign policy expert, Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani, shares his "advice" to the next President on US involvement in Asia - Asia Society