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    Cindy Chavez on Barriers for Female Politicians



    Cindy Chavez on Barriers for Female Politicians
    Commonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of California
    Four women who have either held elected office, studied women and leadership, worked as executive leaders or helped get women elected will discuss how gender plays out in politics, particularly in the presidential race.The panel features former San Jose City Councilwoman Cindy Chavez; business executive and political fund-raiser Lorraine Hariton; Morgan Family Foundation President and former California Senator Rebecca Q. Morgan; and Stanford Law Professor and Ethics Center Director Deborah L. Rhode.Panelists will explore such topics as whether the playbook is different for male and female politicians, why women are underrepresented in leadership positions and how the role of women in politics has evolved in the United States. Panelists also will respond to audience questions.Foothill College History/Women's Studies Instructor Dolores Davison, M.A., who also serves as the Academic Senate president and Curriculum Committee chair, will moderate the discussion. The program is co-sponsored by the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley - Foothill College