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    Mohammed Hafez Discuses Why Al-Qaeda Is in Iraq


    Mohammed Hafez Discuses Why Al-Qaeda Is in Iraq
    World Affairs Council: Nor Cal - World Affairs Council of Northern California
    Suicide Bombings in Iraq: Understanding the Strategy and Ideology with author Mohammed Hafez.Suicide bombers continue to kill in Baghdad to deliver the message that the surge will not bring victory for the US and stability for Iraqis. The attacks have a disproportionate impact on political developments in Iraq because of their targets, lethality, and psychological potency.According to Mohammed Hafez's new book, Suicide Bombers in Iraq, the rate of suicide attacks in the Iraqi insurgency has surpassed the number of suicide operations by all previous insurgent groups combined, including those by Hezbollah in Lebanon, Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, and Hamas in Israel.Delving deep into the Iraq insurgency, Dr. Hafez will join the Council to examine the history of suicide bombing in Iraq and across the globe, theoretical perspectives on suicide bombing, the varied factions that comprise the Iraq insurgency, the ideology and theology of martyrdom supporting suicide bombers, their national origins and characteristics, and the prospect for a "third generation" of transnational bombers forged in Iraq - World Affairs Council of Northern California