St. Louis Missouri RV parks and campgrounds: Campground or party venue

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St. Louis Missouri RV parks and campgrounds: Campground or party venue St. Louis RV park and camping enthusiast shares his knowledge and insights about age restrictions at campgrounds. For a helpful report, visit our website for a free download about camping equipment.
Hi, I’m Melissa, and I love visiting campgrounds, RV parks and paintball fields throughout the midwest. I currently live in the St. Louis, Missouri area but I enjoy traveling whenever I can. I've learned a few things that others tell me has helped them get the most out of there camping trips and adventures and I hope my thoughts can help you.

A common question that I get asked is how old do you have to be to camp. What I really hear is do you allow younger adults to camp and party.

Your probably asking yourself why this is important to you. Well, If you are taking your family out to a campground that has no age restrictions on camping, how late do you think they are going to be partying and keeping you up. What type of language are your little ones going to be hearing from a bunch of drunk partiers?

a real simple solution is to call and find it what the policies are at the campground you are heading out to. Do they have a quiet time, and how do they enforce it. At what age do they allow someone to rent a campsite. Do they have a designated "party" area that is away from the family camping.

If you are not familiar with the guidelines at the local campground, are you prepared for what your little ones might encounter. Will there be drinking and swearing, how about nudity. Some campgrounds are designated party places, while others are more family orientated, and some are more for retired folks with no kids at all.

If you or someone you know is looking for the perfect camping park, campsites, RV park or paintball fields, then I invite you to visit for additional tips and ideas that can make it the best experience ever.

I’ve also got a gift for you that I think can help you avoid a forgetful moment that could ruin your camping trip before it ever gets started. Me and my staff developed a checklist of the essential items you are likely to need before you go camping. If you go to, you can request a copy of the “Disaster or delight-Must Have Items” checklist. It’s free and I hope it helps. If you’re ever in the St. Louis area or have questions even though you’re not, feel free to call some of my friends over at Pin Oak Creek RV Park and Paintball they are great folks and can be reached at 888-474-6625