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    Isabelle Maquet-Engsted Explains Social Inclusion



    Isabelle Maquet-Engsted Explains Social Inclusion
    The New School - The New School
    Rethinking Poverty: Making Policies that Work for ChildrenThe aim of the 2008 conference is to promote action on child poverty and disparity. The United Nations' 2000 Conference and its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) marked an international commitment to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and fostering global collaboration. Despite some progress towards the MDGs, millions of children remain outside of the policy agenda.The conference will create a space for peer consultation among UNICEF international staff, New School faculty and students, academic and research institutions across the globe, NGO practitioners, and other external experts.Further, the conference will provide input and feedback to UNICEF's global study on Child Poverty and Social Disparities, which is currently being carried out in 40 countries - The New School