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    Danny Schechter on the Media's Threat to Democracy



    Danny Schechter on the Media's Threat to Democracy
    Ford Hall Forum - Ford Hall Forum
    News Dissecting from Boston to a Global Stage: A Multimedia Pioneer Challenges His Profession and Calls for Media ReformDanny Schechter "The News Dissector," launched a media career in Boston on WBCN Radio. He became a Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard, a reporter at WGBH, a producer at WLVI and WCVB, and then went on to CNN and ABC News where he won two Emmys. However he believes media, his field of four decades, harms our democracy.Are the major news corporations doing more harm than good? Can independent media -- empowered with the tools of a technological revolution -- do any better? Schechter joins us tonight to look back on his journey from Boston to the world stage and explore the rapidly changing ways in which we receive our information - Ford Hall Forum