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    Lamar Alexander on a Clean Energy Manhattan Project



    Lamar Alexander on a Clean Energy Manhattan Project
    C-SPAN - The Brookings Institution
    Energy issues are central to the most important strategic challenges facing the United States and the world. And in the presidential campaign, they are increasingly central to the discussion of how the next president will approach America's environmental, economic and security policy.From the idea of a gasoline tax "holiday" to ethanol subsidies to trade policy, energy issues may well dominate policy and political discussions this summer.On May 12, the Opportunity 08 project at Brookings hosted Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) for a discussion of energy issues facing the next president.In December of 2007, Alexander was elected by his peers to chairman of the Senate Republican Conference - the third-ranking Republican position in the U.S. Senate.Senator Alexander has recently proposed that the U.S. launch a new, bipartisan Manhattan Project, "a 5-year effort to put America firmly on the path to clean energy independence" - The Brookings Institution