Anchor babies: Chino Hills protests against Chinese maternity hotel



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Anchor babies! Chino Hills protests against Chinese maternity hotel!

Dozens of people protested Saturday in Chino Hills against a home that allegedly has been illegally operating as a birthing center. They claim pregnant Chinese women are flying in to give birth so their babies will be American citizens.

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In Chinese culture, it is common for mothers to drink 'postpartum soup' for a month at a 'maternity hotel'. But this has angered Chino Hills residents. They don't want the maternity hotel in their suburb and have complained of zoning violations.

When an anchor baby turns 21, she can petition the US government for her parents to live in the US as permanent residents.

But it's not entirely what you think. These parents are wealthy. They don't need your social services. For many Chinese parents, anchor babies are an insurance policy, just in case political and social upheaval return to China.