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    Patrick Reynolds Struggled to Quit Smoking



    Patrick Reynolds Struggled to Quit Smoking
    Commonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of California
    Smoking Cessation Summit "End the Epidemic" Conversation: The ProblemThe CDC's Dr. Julie Gerberding and NBC's Medical Expert Dr. Nancy Snyderman headline a panel on why people continue to smoke cigarettes despite the fact it is commonly known tobacco is hazardous to one's health.After 30 years of anti-tobacco measures and negative sentiment, cigarettes still kill more Americans than AIDS, murder, suicide, car accidents and fires combined. Amongst a myriad of issues to be addressed, the panel will explore why an increasingly disproportionate number of minorities are smoking compared to other communities, discuss whether treating nicotine addiction is financially viable and, if so, who should pay for it, and look at why we still see cigarettes in movies - Commonwealth Club of California