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    Current Issue

    Issue 1

    (Accepting oneself as a player, Remates I

    Issue 2

    (Scales fingerings, Buleria "La Fiesta" )

    Issue 3

    (Counting and playing, Remates II )

    Issue 4

    (Nails, Alegrias Rhythm & "Chiquito" )

    Issue 5

    (Playability on guitars, Compas por Solea
    Modal Scales Prep. level 1
    & )

    Issue 6

    ( Advantages of Learning Guitar Through Skype, Golpe AM
    Buleria tapado seq.

    Issue 7

    (Changing Posture in Picado, making of Tv summer 2012 "Dear Alice" ,
    Fuego Fatuo ,
    Rio Ancho )

    Issue 8

    (Advantages of a Beginner, Friendship with the metronome )

    Issue 9

    (How to Harness Time Practicing, CFG Study Program Scales ,
    Tangos Strumming Interactive,
    Scales and students like Juna Moreno
    Harmony Linking Dominant Chords
    6 Subjects of CFG study program )

    Issue 10

    ( Strings, 2012 TV performance 1)"Dear Alice"
    2) "Manuel de Falla"
    3) "Rio Ancho"
    Tangos Strumming variation )

    Issue 11

    (Read Tabs read Music Notation, Injuries, Flamenco Left Hand work,
    Zapateado E. Sanlucar
    Understanding Gitanos Andaluces )

    Issue 12

    (Humidity Care, Changing from one guitar to another, Romanillos ,
    Tangos for Mc Laughlin )

    Issue 13

    ( Stuck in Picado Speed and tips,
    Andalusian Cadence in 12 beats ,
    Casual Performance with "El Chato" Peña Juan Breva )

    Issue 14

    (Varnishes for guitars, Sordina ,
    Carbon Fiber Nut ,
    Counting Halfs on Tangos ,

    Issue 15

    (Tuning Issues on guitars/ Top Settlement,
    Training on the rhythm context ,
    Exploring melodies on the Andalusian Cadence )

    Issue 16

    (Relying on Visual aspect to learn in flamenco,
    Secondary Dominants in Solea por Buleria )

    Issue 17

    (Concentration Issues in Practice, making of Special Show 2012 & )

    Issue 18

    (*Referrals for Guitars, Female Guitar Tone )

    Issue 19

    (How to Practice & What to Practice,
    hone rasgueos ,
    Antonio Rey praises Andalusian Guitars

    Issue 20

    (Invitation to my Magazine , Difference between the modern flamenco guitar and the traditional flamenco,
    b 3ths Fingerings 87 bpm & 96 bpm , Rondeña a Compás 1-4 , Undestanding Gitanos A. 10-12 )

    Performance (all TV show)