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    TranZit Zombies Bus Challenge: Bus and B23R ONLY! (Ep1)


    by NGTZombies

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    Alright, this is a challenge for you guys and the rules are as follows:
    • Only weapons/equipment you can use are your starting knife, B23R (and upgraded), grenades/semtex, claymores, and Zombie shield (as shield ONLY, no kills).
    • Can get off the bus ONLY for the following: to turn on power, to get bus components, to get turbines and/or Zombie shields, to get perks, or to upgrade the B23R.
    • If you get knocked off the bus, you have to run to the next stop to get back on.
    • If the bus leaves while at power or getting a perk, etc., then run circles until it comes back.
    • You CANNOT use the bank to pull money.

    Let us know how you guys make out in the comments!

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