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    The Crime at Abu Ghraib Was Not Photography


    The Crime at Abu Ghraib Was Not Photography
    The New York Public Library - New York Publc Library
    When the infamous photographs from Abu Ghraib prison were first made public four years ago, they seemed to constitute an awesome expose of the profound corruption of America’s response to September 11th.The sanction of torture, and the decriminalization of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners in wartime, have become defining legacies of the current Administration—and have given us the defining images of America’s changing standing in the eyes of the world.But it didn’t take long for the soldiers who took and appeared in the Abu Ghraib photographs to be singled out as depraved rogues, when in fact they were implementing America’s de facto policy in Iraq. Just as criminality had become the norm, the expose now became the cover-up.Now, two of our keenest moral and political observers, author Philip Gourevitch and filmmaker Errol Morris, have taken on the story of the soldiers who took and appeared in the photographs—and they have produced a war story that explores the horror at the core of the ongoing campaign to fight terror with terror.In their new book, Standard Operating Procedure, Gourevitch and Morris expand on the investigation Morris conducted for his just-released film of the same title, to tell the story of Abu Ghraib from the inside out and the bottom up - Live from NYPL