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    Red Dead Redemption Strategy Guide Tips & Tricks Commentary



    This is a test to see how well this works and if users find it helpful. I have many users ask (can you make a video for this - when I already have a video covering that topic) so this way you can see what I have done so far with Red Dead Redemption Tips & Tricks videos.

    See the full Red Dead Redemption Guide Here

    Weapons Guide - RDR weapons guide will give you many useful tips and walkthroughs for everything having to do with the guns in Red Dead Redemption. I cover aiming, dead eye, lasso, dueling howto and more.

    Travel Guide - The travel guide for RDR shows you the number of ways you can travel in Red Dead Redemption. Included is a guide on how to fast travel.

    100% Part 1 - Redeemed Achievement walkthrough will show you exactly what you need in order to get the 100% game completion achievement / trophy

    100% Part 2 - Redeemed achievement / trophy part 2 is for users having trouble and do not know what they are missing. It will show you how to check your stats to pin down what your are missing.

    Free Roam 101 - A tutorial that shows users what Free Roam is and how it works on Red Dead Redemption. This walkthrough will describe how to get fast xp legitimately.

    Outfits - This video will show you the benefits of the outfits in RDR along with an image for 15 outfits in the game and tells you which ones are necessary for 100% completion

    Buckin Awesome - This video goes into great detail to show you how to get the buckin awesome achievement / trophy in Red Dead Redemption. I show you where to find the horses, how to save them, and what each one looks like. I also cover how horse deeds work.

    Dastardly - This video shows you how to get the dastardly achievement / trophy. It is a "secret" achievement on red dead redemption. It involves hogtying a woman and placing her on the train tracks