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    John Podesta Compares Liberalism to Progressivism



    John Podesta Compares Liberalism to Progressivism
    The Aspen Institute - Aspen Institute
    What's the difference between liberalism and progressivism? According to John Podesta, it is the "fire of social justice" that is often born from faith or a belief in a communitarian approach to the common good—as opposed to an individualistic approach. It is, in short, the idea that the current generation can expect to do a little better than the last.Podesta, former chief-of-staff to President Bill Clinton and current CEO and president of the Center for American Progress, argues in his latest book, "The Power of Progress: How America's Progressive Can (Once Again) Save Our Economy, Our Climate, and Our Country", that the principles of progressivism are pivotal to reinvigorating the economy and solving the big problems of the day, from global warming to health care. Saying that without investment, there is no growth, Podesta outlines how investing in clean energy is crucial to reducing not only the threats from terrorism but from the effects of climate change itself, like the rising price of food or extreme weather events.Calling the book a must-read for "anyone in government or in the battle of ideas" who hopes to understand progressivism, moderator Walter Isaacson asks Podesta to touch on the biggest challenges the nation faces today. Podesta calls for regulating emissions through a cap-and-trade program, investment in a health care system that focuses on prevention, creation of a school year that reflects contemporary norms (and not the agricultural calendar), and a serious regulation of the financial sector. After all, says Podesta, "We have to build a society in which people feel their opportunities are going to expand." - Aspen Institute