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    Media Frenzy Over Royal Baby News


    by IBTimes


    Media from all over the world were camped outside the King Edward VII hospital on Tuesday (December 4), reporting on the British newspaper excitement over the royal baby news.

    The Duchess of Cambridge spent Monday (December 3) night in the hospital suffering from acute morning sickness.

    As dawn broke on Tuesday there was no update about Kate Middleton's condition.

    Catherine is expected to stay in hospital for a few days.

    There was fevered speculation in the press as to whether the duchess might be expecting twins, due to her intense morning sickness.

    All the British newspapers carried the story on their front pages, with the tabloid the Daily Star speculating the pregnancy could have been helped by coconut juice Prince William drank on the couple's recent south east Asia tour which is supposed to promote virility.

    Nothing excites the British media like a royal story and a royal heir to the throne provided welcome news in bleak economic times.

    "I think it is good news for the nation, everybody is looking for something to feel upbeat about at the moment, so from that point of view I think it is good news," said one man.

    Women tended to worry more about Kate's acute morning sickness

    "I hope she's OK. I think they are a lovely couple and I think it is really great news," said one woman.

    Prince William visited his wife on Monday, and departed the hospital in the evening looking serious.

    He is the Queen's 30-year-old grandson and second in line to the throne. Their third child will take the place of Prince Harry in being third in succession when he or she is born.

    Last year Britain and other Commonwealth countries which have the queen as their monarch agreed to change the rules of royal succession so that males would no longer take precedence as heir, regardless of age.