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    Iran’s Nuclear Aim: War Instrument or Power Projection?



    Iran’s Nuclear Aim: War Instrument or Power Projection?
    Transatlantic Institute - Transatlantic Institute
    Since Iran's illicit nuclear program was exposed to a stunned world in 2002, Tehran has defied the international community and continued to pursue its nuclear goals. What drives this seemingly apocalyptic quest? Are Iran's aims rational or not?Under a Mushroom Cloud analyzes this catastrophic and murky situation, and examines Iran's dual-track approach of accelerating its nuclear activities while weaving itself ever more tightly into the fabric of the European economy.Thriving trade between Europe and Iran, and heavy European involvement in Iran's energy industry, have weakened Europe's will to impose robust sanctions - but imposing them is the only practical way of protecting Europe's strategic interests and ensuring the stability of the region.Under a Mushroom Cloud offers an answer to this dilemma. Drawing on extensive research, including interviews with senior officials and security and intelligence personnel from many countries involved in the effort to stop Iran developing a nuclear bomb, it provides a comprehensive account of a serious strategic threat to Europe, and offers an original list of practical recommendations for European policymakers who must confront it.