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1954 - Carling Black Label Beer

il y a 11 ans2.9K views

“Hey, Mabel! Black Label!” Under new management, the Carling Black Label brand was re-introduced in 1950 and sales quickly rose 28% in one year and another 25% the next. During the 1950s Carling Black Label featured an attractive blond beer-toting waitress named Mabel in a series of commercials. When a customer wanted a beer they cried “Hey, Mabel! Black Label!” Mabel the bartendress rarely
spoke in the commercials but at the end of each spot she gave the TV viewers a friendly wink. Lang, Fisher, & Stashower created the advertising campaign in the late 1940s. Phil Davis wrote their ad jingle. A receptionist at a Cleveland television station was the first to play Mabel for a few months in 1950. Her name was Lucille Schroeder. Jeanne Goodspeed, a New York actress and model, portrayed Mabel beginning in 1951. However, in the mid-1950s, Goodspeed ended her career to become a mother and Carling Black Label people decided to animate the Mabel character but also thought it wise to insert images of Jeanne Goodspeed as Mabel for good measure. The ads ran successfully for almost twenty years.

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1954 - Carling Black Label Beer
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