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    Nader Nadery to Afghan Gov't: Taliban Are Overconfident



    Nader Nadery to Afghan Gov't: Taliban Are Overconfident
    Open Society Foundations - U.S. Institute of Peace
    Over the past few months, as highlighted by a conference on Afghanistan held in London on January 28, 2010, signs have emerged of a concerted and comprehensive effort to engage elements of the insurgency in negotiations, reconciliation and reintegration. In early May, the Afghan government will host a Peace Jirga to build support for their plans to negotiate with insurgent leaders.
    Since the fall of the Taliban, many principles of justice and equality have been enshrined into Afghanistan's basic legal framework, even if they have often not been implemented.What are the implications of a peace deal with a movement previously known for oppressing women, ethnic and religious minorities? Will protection of rights be weakened on paper or in practice? Will a proposed blanket amnesty attempt to exclude prosecution of war crimes? How will these issues play out in a national (and international) discussion about the parameters of a peace deal and will all perspectives be sufficiently represented in the process?