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    Grameen Bank: Humanizing the Face of Poverty



    Grameen Bank: Humanizing the Face of Poverty
    Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies - University of Sydney
    Security encompasses interrelated military, political, economic, environmental, health and other threats to the vital interests of the planet -- so politico-economic writer and Professor Michael Intriligator of the University of California, Los Angeles, argues, as he calls for global consensus and international cooperation in achieving shared global security goals.Dr. Ariel Salleh takes, as a cue to further reflections, the observation by Johan Galtung -- conference keynote speaker -- that the current global market is a vertical assembly line for the movement of capital from bottom to top, needing to be reversed, to promote greater equity, by a multiplicity of economic forms. The author of Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice, Dr. Salleh, of the University of Sydney Department of Political Economy, thus advances the alternative globalization movement, with recognition to economies that manage in the principle of Living Well (buen vivir), to protect ecological sustainability, socio-economic justice, cultural autonomy, and peace.Examining the use of the Grameen bank model as applied to several initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region, Grameen Foundation Australia Director and co-founder Shan Ali will share how the organization advocates the use of microfinance in development aid as part of a comprehensive solution, rather than a panacea.Altogether, this panel explores the interconnections between -- and solutions proposed for—poverty and peace-building on many different levels, from transnational governance to non-government organizations to local capacity-building initiatives.