Teacher Jailed for Brutally Killing Rabbits in Classroom

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A teacher is sentenced to 8 months in jail for killing rabbits in his classroom in front of students.

Most of us don't want to see an animal getting dissected;however, the experience of some Milan students was elevated to a whole another level.

An anatomy teacher, Carlo Rando was recently sentenced to eight months in jail for killing two rabbits in his classroom.
The incident occurred in 2010, where four rabbits were brought into the class for dissection purposes, but two of the bunnies were still alive. According to a report by an animal rights group in Italy, Rando “first tried to strangle them, then repeatedly punched the animals, and then after prolonged violence, smashed the rabbits' heads with a hammer - all in front of a room full of children”.The incident was brought to light after several students and teachers came forward.

Earlier this year, another teacher was involved in an animal homicide. A 25-year-old Chicago elementary school teacher was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, after he punched his dog to death. He reportedly became angered after the dog refused to get in the bathtub after eating paper in the house and defecating.
The teacher adopted the yellow Labrador and chow mix in October from an animal rescue foundation.