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    Alaskan Town Chicken Hits -52F This Winter

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    by Geo Beats

    The Alaskan town of Chicken faced a minus 52 temperature in the month of November.

    Everyone knows that Alaska is home to very cold winter temperatures. Someone there hit freezing temperatures of 50 below zero.
    Well, not that chicken. Chicken, a town in Alaska town has become the first place to hit 50 below zero during 2012’s winter season.
    The town recorded a bone chilling temperature of minus 52 degrees on November 29th.

    The one bonus to the freezing November temperatures is that the cold doesn’t appear to be affecting too many residents as Chicken is statistically labeled as having population of 8.

    According to Census 2010, there were a total 16 housing units in the town, only 5 of which contained residents. There are no schools in Chicken and those seeking hospitals or health clinics must venture to nearby Tok.

    Several other towns in the state boasted extreme numbers as well. Tok rang in at minus 46 and Eagle came in at minus 44.

    The coldest November temperature in the state was -61F in Fort Yukon on the 24th of the month in 1935, meaning the infamous record hasn’t been broken yet.

    What's the coldest place you've been to?