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    Drunk Man Falls from Building on Cop

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    A man who fell from a building and landed on a police officer is facing legal charges.

    As the old saying goes “accidents happen”. However, clumsy souls may want to tread lightly as a simple less-than-graceful occurrence could bring on legal charges. A man from Hailey, Idaho has recently been charged with disorderly conduct after he fell from a building.

    Austin Cruz survived the incident, but he landed on a Sheriff’s Office sergeant, breaking the official’s neck. The incident happened in July, during a music event in Ketchum. The sergeant had been working security when Cruz fell from the top of a Main Street building. The clumsy man was issued a court summons in mid-October after a prosecutor reviewed the case. The affected police official is still on medical leave after undergoing two surgeries for his injury.

    Another blundering soul was in hot water earlier this year. During a hunting excursion, a 30-year-old man’s 12-gauage shot gun had gone off, striking him in the foot. The male was taken to the hospital following the accident, however when police investigated further, they realized the man was a convicted felon, hence making it illegal for him to possess a firearm.

    He was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the accident.