Finding The Healthy Foods You Enjoy (Organic Super Foods)

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Obesity has been a pressing issue not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. I have personally battled with my weight since I was a child, and it wasn’t easy. I have tried a lot of weight loss products just to eliminate those excess fats. Some indeed help me lose weight but I gained them back after a few days.

I came from a family who loves to eat and we always try out new restaurants in our area. The temptation of food is not easy to resist especially if sumptuous and tasty dishes are in front of you. However, since I am really eager to shed away those excess pounds I started to cut down my food intake and switch to eating healthy foods. Fortunately, I love eating salads. Because of that, my eating transition wasn’t that difficult. I was able to easily adjust to eating healthy foods.

Instead of filling my plate with fatty and unhealthy foods, I now opt to fill it with leafy greens and fruits. I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now and I must say, I have dropped a significant weight (from 75 kilos to 65 kilos in two months) just by simply altering the way I eat and smartly choosing the foods I consume.

It is really hard for people to enjoy healthy food alternatives because many think that most of them are flavorless and are therefore not appealing to the taste bud. However, there are actually a lot of healthy foods that anybody can enjoy if they only allow themselves to like them. Salads may not be a favorite of many but there is a way to make them look more appetizing. You can combine nuts and fruits into your salad so it will taste better. You can also include grilled chicken breast or chicken coated with honey to satisfy your meat cravings.

Those who have a sweet tooth can have their fill of sweets by eating fresh fruits. Instead of eating cakes, fruits are healthier food alternatives. They are full of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. That said, be sure to include bananas, apples, oranges, grapes and other kinds of fruits in your diet.

Nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, cashew, and pine nuts, are high in fiber and rich in protein. Although many dieters shun the idea of including nuts in their diet, due to their high fat content, nutritionists actually recommend them. The key to successfully incorporating nuts to a healthy diet is portion control. To prevent over-indulging, it is best to pre-pack nuts in smaller bags. An ounce of nuts contain around 160-200 calories and they contain healthy monosaturated fats, which are very good for the heart.

Transitioning to eating healthy foods may need some getting used to, but you will soon realize that being a healthy eater will allow you to maintain the right weight and a healthy body.