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    The End of Feminism: Pole Dancing for Empowerment



    The End of Feminism: Pole Dancing for Empowerment
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - City Recital Hall Angel Place
    Here, as part of Melbourne's IQ2 Debate Series, six very passionate feminists, including one male, go head to head.After generations of effort, it's still very much a man's world. Women continue to bear a disproportionate burden of domestic labor, are under-represented in the senior ranks of politics, business and the professions, and they're still often denied equal pay for equal work.But do women really only have themselves to blame? Is it female acquiescence that has prolonged male domination rather than macho-suppressive tendencies? Or should we be taking a different perspective altogether and instead be celebrating a wider victory, where concerns for equality have less to do with gender and are more driven by a concern for justice for all?Regardless of the competing arguments, one thing both sides agreed on: there's much more work to be done.