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    Chevrolet Car Wash Max Paint Sealant Paint Chips Scratches Eden Prairie Minneapolis MN


    by service29

    "Suburban Chevrolet. Great value on Chevrolet Auto Detail Service in Eden Prairie and Minneapolis MN

    Looks are important. While you enjoying the luxury of your vehicle from the inside, it’s still important to keep the outside looking fresh and new. The first step is to have your car washed. We recommend doing so at least once a month. When left on too long, bugs, bird droppings and other things can permanently stain your vehicle's finish. Plus, it’s just safer to drive with clean headlights and mirrors. Occasionally waxing your car is an excellent way to prevent rust. Doing so will build up a protective coat to shield the paint from harsh weather conditions! Make sure to apply wax on the lower half of your car as well as wash the salt off in the winter time. Another popular product on the market right now is paint sealants. Applying a sealant regularly will extend the life and shine of your paint finish while also protecting your vehicle from UV rays and moisture! It won’t take long to put on, but the showroom shine lasts an impressive amount of time! It is very crucial to fix any chips or scratches in your paint as soon as you notice them. It doesn’t take long for rust to start forming at the spot. With your car’s VIN number a service center should be able to match the paint exactly.

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