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    The End Of Rock: "That" - Film by Ari Gold, Music by Ethan Gold

    Ari Gold

    by Ari Gold

    Starring Torsten Voges.
    Produced by Ari Gold Films and Evidence Productions.
    Costume - Yasmin Hed. Makeup/hair - Dru Wright. Co-Producer/AC - Joel Deutsch.

    I made this 90-second "prayer for the dead" about the end of rock, on L.A.'s skid row, using my twin brother Ethan Gold's song “That (reprise)”. The song was an outgrowth of Ethan's ultraviolent rock opera about the male psyche. Torsten Voges (one of the nihilists from "The Big Lebowski", and a Gorgoroth-type singer in Rob Zombie's next movie) portrays not just any homeless man, but the last member of a nearly-extinct species: the true rock'n'roll animal, in supernova. Rise and fall.

    From the album "Songs From a Toxic Apartment" by

    Shot by Arlene Muller on the Alexa.
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    My brother's gorgeous song "That" (reprise) always felt to me like the wounded heart of heavy-metal, stripped of its violence. I came up with the idea for the video when I was passing through skid row. I was thrilled, that very night, to meet Torsten Voges (one of the nihilists from "The Big Lebowski"), who was the perfect star of the video, and who was a fan of my air-drumming movie "Adventures of Power." I asked Torsten to portray not just any homeless man, but the last member of a nearly-extinct species: the rock'n'roll animal, in supernova.

    Ethan says: "A different song called "That" was an 8 minute heavy metal epic from a violent rock opera I locked away when I made Songs From a Toxic Apartment. It was the moment when the kid's personality splits and he embraces evil. The reprise is sort of a return to humanity. My brother Ari made a video for the reprise which I had nothing to do with - totally different from all my other videos. But I like that it feels like an echo of heavy metal as his homeless man, a split and rejected human, headbangs in defiance in skid row in downtown LA. Our friend Torsten Voges stars as the homeless guy, at considerable risk to his person. The local population was shouting "caveman!" at the 6'5" figure passing through their real world."

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