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    'Kony 2012' and the Portrayal of African Conflict



    'Kony 2012' and the Portrayal of African Conflict
    American Society of International Law - Fairmont Hotel
    Annual Ben Ferencz Panel: Although initially a strong supporter of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the African Union (AU) has emerged in recent years as a strong opponent of the Court’s work. With only African situations and accused persons in the ICC dock, the AU now insists that the ICC has become an imperialist neo-colonial institution. This interdisciplinary panel will discuss the mounting AU/ICC tension; assess the legal, historical, and policy reasons that explain the complex on-off relationship, and consider its implications for the future of the ICC.Which problems is international law particularly well-suited to solve? Which seem to defy its regulation? What tools does international law have to manage this complexity? Where are best practices emerging? What has our profession learned in the last half-century? Is law, with its emphasis on rules and stability, conceptually and functionally capable of responding to the challenges of complexity? If not, how should law react? What do experts from outside the legal profession, from technology, finance, counterinsurgency, climate science, and risk, believe law can add? During the 2012 ASIL Annual Meeting we will address these questions and discuss how international law responds to complexity."