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    Christmas Lights Down Under, Gangnam Style


    by NTDTelevision

    Extravagant Christmas light display set to hit song "Gangnam Style" in the Australian city of Perth.

    Full Story:

    The Korean pop phenomenon that had the world doing the horse dance recently is back under the spotlight in the Australian city of Perth.

    Kym Illman, of World's Best Christmas Lights, has created a Christmas light show using the hit song "Gangnam Style" as the soundtrack.

    Every year there is a contest to have the best Christmas lights in Illman's street, but this year he's outdone himself.

    It took 200 hours to set up, using 41,000 lightbulbs and 1.2 miles of cable.

    Illman also installed what he calls a cosmic colour ribbon, which allows the colour of the lights to keep changing.

    Everything is programmed using his laptop computer.

    [Kym Illman, World's Best Christmas Lights]:
    "So, for instance here, these are arches, and when I press play here, see the arches go backwards and forwards there? And you get that to happen by simply saying, section one of the arch goes on then fades down while section two comes up and fades down, and you have to physically programme each one of those. What have I got here? Thirty two different individual channels."

    This is the seventh year Illman has created a Christmas light display.

    Volunteers help manage the extra injection of power the street needs to run the lights.

    Testing the display for the first time, there were only minor technical glitches.

    [Kym Illman, World's Best Christmas Lights]:
    "It's been pretty good. We've had a few small problems, as we always do. For instance, the power supplies get a bit heavy, or they are heavy, and they tend to fall out if there's not a tight connection. But I sit here in front of this computer and we focus on, say, the face, and we make sure that that's all in synch. Then we focus on the tree and we notice there's a couple of strands out there, and we have to swap stuff around. Then you get the neighbours that walk past, and they get first look at it."

    Amazingly, all this only costs an extra 10 U.S. dollars per week in power, a small sum to rock out to Psy, Gangnam style.

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