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    Danielle Murphree wallowing in self-pity and anger


    by JoanRose33

    Danielle in all her wisdom and psychosis. At least she admits she not right mentally. I like how she predicted who would vote for Dan over Ian. Not even close. There she sits with her face full of snot, tears and zits, whining to Dan in hopes of yet more sympathy. Then she goes into a rage about Ian. Funny thing is, she was far worse than Ian. She lied about everything but her age and sex. She talked bad about others far more than any other HG, with the exception of Boogie. Danielle's mom tweeted her after the show saying she should never hang her head in shame. LMAO. Danielle doesn't know the meaning of the word shame, yet alone how to feel it. She only feels self-pity and blame.