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    Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Server Packages [Intel] Download


    by MrRomeolam1

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    Server capacity. Simplicity of Mac. Share contacts and calendars, collaborate on projects, remote access to information, create and publish podcasts, and any other tasks – all of it is incredibly easy with the amazing features of Lion Server.

    - Reliability osnove.Polnaya 64-bit operating system, Lion Server – is the latest core technologies, support for open standards and advanced security features to protect data.
    - 2 times bystree.Sistema Lion Server is almost twice as fast as its predecessor, and it copes with the most sophisticated back-end operations. Sharing files, mail and website hosting – increased productivity and simplify these tasks.
    - Server – is prosto.Nikogda not think that you can configure the server? It’s time to get acquainted with the Lion Server. With him networking your company will quickly and easily.