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    Alex Lukashevsky - The Eye (LIVE from the Music Gallery)


    by ExclaimTV

    Alex Lukashevsky of Deep Dark United Preps Solo Album:

    This fall, Toronto's Alex Lukashevsky released his third solo album Too Late Blues (via Idée Fixe), which is a document of his collaboration with Toronto vocalists Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink, Bruce Peninsula) and Felicity Williams (Bahamas, Hobson's Choice). To help celebrate Exclaim!'s 20th Anniversary, Owen Pallett invited Lukashevsky to perform at the Music Gallery in Toronto for Exclaim!'s Destination Out Showcase.

    Watch Lukashevsky and Gesundheit perform "The Eye" from their latest album Too Late Blues with a percussion-oriented band composed of Eric Woolston, Mike Overton and Evan Cartwright.