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    Man Auctions His Last Name

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A man is letting the highest bidder choose his last name.

    In auctions, you typically find paintings, jewelry and other antiques.

    But one 30-year-old man, Jason Sadler is going for a different approach. He is auctioning off his last name to the highest bidder.

    He launched a website, on November 1st. The scheme is part publicity stunt, another part….well just because he wants to. Sadler explains the idea stating “Throughout my life I’ve had three separate last names, none of which have carried any real meaning for me or my sense of identity.”

    Sadler also founded the marketing company dubbed, ‘I Wear Your Shirt’, in which he wears companies’ t shirts and posts pictures of himself online. He hopes the new name changing effort will get his shirt-wearing business additional exposure.

    Bidders get to choose the last name, but Sadler makes the final decision to accept or decline the bid. He states ”religious groups, political causes and porn purveyors need not apply”.

    The auction ends on December 12th and on January 1, 2013 Sadler will legally change his name in the state of Florida and keep it for the entire year.

    How do you like the idea?