Film about Audiophile Club of Athens

Christos Skaloumbakas
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20 min documentary about Audiophile Club of Athens, filmed March 2006 by Ken Barnes in Athens Hellas-Greece.

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I love this new video of yours. I live in Monterrey, México. Congratulations!!!
Από Gerardo Saúl Palacios y Ortega 7 χρονια πριν
Very nice indeed! All we always see is photographs and now we get to see video (and sound)!!

Από Dew Visser 7 χρονια πριν

I have just uploaded the ACA documentary and you may post your comments above.

I just want to propose a visit to the following web-page to see all the details about this recording. Please click, which is the official introductory page of this documentary.

The film is also embedded there in 640 x 500 pixels screen.

Christos Skaloumbakas
President of A.C.A. -
My system:
Από Christos Skaloumbakas 8 χρονια πριν