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    New Apple iPhone 5 Giveaway! "Free iPhone 5!"


    por Madtiomxia

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    Get the new iPhone 5 for free:

    I am eligible to test and keep the upcoming iPhone 5, try it out yourself, maybe you will have some luck too. As I know, this is available for a limited time only to US citizens, details apply.

    Asian sources are claiming that the iPhone 5 release date will be in September or October 2012. This sounds credible as the iPhone 4S was announced about the same time. Most of the sources are implying September 12th will be the actual release date of Apple iPhone 5, I certainly hope so, as I can then start talking about post iPhone 5 news, but that's another story.

    Get the new iPhone 5 for free:

    A faster quad-core or some secret six-core processor would be nice in the new iPhone, as I love a bit of a multi-tasking. Rumours of iPhone 5 features are pointing toward 1GB of RAM, that should be enough for me. The addition of some 4G LTE internet would be a nice feature.